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Christopher Lasalle January 19 at 11:45pm

I've been renting from them for about 7 years now never had a problem if something is wrong or needs to be fixed which is very rarely they're right on the ball my landlord marra is very understanding if you're honest with her she will do anything for you to help you out I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me it is greatly appreciated!

Anna Melandez

Rented for 4 years lived in 2 different apt no problems like idea of having monthly bug spaying. 

Mike Tillinghast

Easy great office experience- faxes my papers to agencies  & I pick up my packages in office no worries of theft thank you!

Sara Butler

New tenant. Quick turnaround on maintenance problems thank you! :)

Bug Maintenance

Larger bldg 4 and up we have Mohawk Vally come in monthly to tri monthly to ensure we have no pesty problems